Thursday, January 01, 2009

Home Business Removing Viruses and Spyware

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I've been stuck in a dead end job for so long I feel like one of the dam boxes I pack each day, yes I work on a factory floor packing boxes into boxes for little more than minimum wage! I get by OK, but OK isn't good enough any more, I've worked hard in life and it's time I had some me time.

I think that's finally going to change since 6 weeks ago I took a small financial risk and purchased a ebook/course for $70 about "How To Make Money Removing Viruses And Spyware - Using Totally Free Software" which is teaches how to setup a home business removing Viruses And Spyware.

I was very skeptical at first, but they have a 8 week money back guarantee and since I paid with my credit card if they ripped me off I could do a chargeback anyway (I love CCs for that reason :-))

Anyway, I'm no computer whiz kid, I'm 47 years old, have a ex-husband and 2 grown up children (both of which no more about computers than me) and struggle to do anything advanced with a computer (my eldest daughter helped me setup this website and blog and you'll notice how little I use it).

I got the course after another 12hr night shift at the factory after my supervisor told me I couldn't have Saturday and Sunday off, a few workers was off sick (flu) so I was needed. I just had to do something, so I bought the ebook as soon as I got home!

Removing Viruses And Spyware - Using Totally Free Software Course

I spent a few afternoons absorbing the course material and downloading the free anti-virus and spyware software in the members area and getting used to it on my computer system. Within a week I felt ready to try to offer a virus/spyware removal service, I was ready to start my first home based business!

I put a free ad in a local paper offering viruses and spyware removal at $50 an hour (the course says people charge $100 for this service, but I didn't want to push it) and when the paper went into circulation I started to receive calls!

I really blew the first few calls, I didn't expect interest in viruses and spyware removal to be so much in demand so wasn't prepared, but after getting my sales speech ironed out I finally took some orders a few days later.

It was scary at first (I've never worked for myself), but this is very easy and rewarding work. Most people I've dealt with are like me, not sure what to do with computers and so I could easily convince them I was a virus/spyware expert (I had the right tools after all :-)) and when in doubt I changed the subject. I know a little unethical, but I had to change my life as packing boxes was killing the inner me :-(

6 weeks on I'm advertising in 5 local and not so local papers and over the last 7 days made $350 for less than 3 hrs work: I still charge $50 an hour, minimum 1 hour but most virus/spyware removal jobs take less than an hour, so works out more like $100 an hour.

I'm not ready to give up my day job (or should I say night job), but I can see my fledgling business taking off in a big way. If I can keep this level of business for 6 weeks I'm going to give up my job and concentrate on my new home business offering virus and spyware removal.

Wish me luck and if you too feel trapped like I was I can't recommend viruses and spyware removal course enough.

Home Business Removing Viruses and Spyware Update

Still going strong removing viruses and spyware, last week made just over $1,200 and the week before $1,100 (been making over $1,000 a week consistently for 4+ months).

I think I’ve hit a wall with my advertising method, (just the newspaper ads, though 8 papers now) so to expand further think I need to advertise in other ways. Been considering radio advertising and turning this blog into my Removing Viruses and Spyware business site (been taking computer courses in my spare time, finally know what ftp means).

Haven’t fully given up my night job yet, but have gone part time to concentrate more on my new business. Overall meaning more money than concentrating fully on my normal mundane job and it’s taking about half the time in work hours.

Not ready to throw all in yet though as want to get to $1,600 every week with out fail before I’d feel fully comfortable.

To take into account gas prices I charge extra for areas not within 5 miles, just to cover costs. Still charge $50 an hr, think I could go to $75 a hour in my area, just don’t want to rock a boat that’s smoothly sailing in the right direction :-)

All in all going well.